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RCon Commands


Rcon (Remote Connect) commands are simple commands used to administrate your Half-Life 1 or Half-Life 2 based game (including: Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Counter-Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2). Rcon access gives you full control over the server configuration; additionally, you may ban and kick players.  Do not give out your rcon password unless you trust the other  individual(s).

Note: In order to use rcon commands while in-game. You must have your developers console enabled. To enable it, go to your game options>keyboard>advanced>Check “Enable Developers Console” and save your options.

In order to remotely connect to your game server while in-game, pull up the console by pressing the default console key “~” (without quotes). The key may also be "¬" (without quotes). This varies depending on a user's keyboard language setup.

Once you have console open, type in the following: rcon_password TypeInYourPassword

For example, the screen shot below shows the console open and the rcon_password command:
Screenshot of in game console using command rcon_password

Once logged in, before every command, you must type rcon in front of each command. For example, if I wanted to change the map, I would type the following: rcon changelevel de_dust


Example screenshot below:
Screenshot of RCon command changelevel while in Counter Strike: Source


The following is a full list of rcon commands:

Command Description
rcon_password yourpassword
Login to rcon to use rcon commands.
stat Find out players IP information.
status List current player names, time played, and steamIDs within game server.
changelevel map_name
Change the current map. changelevel de_dust
kick name
Kick player using their name.
kick number Kick player using their number. You can find their number by type the STATUS command.
banid x playernumber Ban player for x amount of minutes using player number.
listip List all ban users by IP.
listid List all ban users by ID.
removeip # Removes IP from banned list. Replace # with ip.
removeid # Removes ID from banned list. Replace # with id.
sv_password #
Make your game server private. Set a password. Replace # with your password
sv_restart # Restart the game. Both player scores and money go back to default. Replace # with a value up to 10.
sv_restartround # Restart the current round. Replace # with value up to 10.
sv_gravity # Changes the gravity on map. Default is 800.
mp_forcechasecam # When dead, you may force the player to only view his teammates in first person or allow them to roam freely. Replace # with 1 to enforce cam view or 0 to disable it.
mp_roundlimit # Replace # with the amount of rounds before map is changed.
mp_roundtime # Replace # with a time value in minutes to determine when round ends.
mp_timelimit # Replace # with time value in minutes to determine when map should change.
mp_friendlyfire # Replace # with 1 to enforce friendly fire or 0 to disable it.
mp_startmoney # Replace # with the amount of start money. Default is 800. The highest is 16000.
mp_logdetail #
Server will keep logs. Use 0, the default, to log no attacks, 1 to log enemy attacks, 2 to log teammate attacks, and 3 to log both.
mp_playerid# Controls what players when aiming crosshair at opponent, a hostage, or a teammate. Set to 0 (default), the player see's all popups with team colors. Set 1, the player sees their teammates and hostages, with team colors. Set 2, players see no popups.
mp_fadetoblack # When player is dead his monitor will turn black, preventing user to see gameplay. 1 to enable, 0 to disable.
mp_buytime # When new round starts, this determines how many seconds a player has to buy weapons. The minimum value is 0.25 and there is no maximum.
mp_winlimit # When a team reaches a set amount of wins before the timelimit or the roundlimit is reached, it has won the map and will change map. 1 to enable, 0 to disable.
mp_autoteambalance #
Forces players to join teams to keep them balanced. 1 to enable, 0 to disable.
mp_c4timer #
Once C4 is planted, this determines the amount of time it takes to explode. Replace # to ranges between 15 and 90 seconds.
mp_flashlight #
Allows the use of flashlights. 1 to enable, 0 to disable.
mp_footsteps # Allows footstep sounds. 1 to enable, 0 to disable.
mp_freezetime # Freeze time before round begins. Gives time for players to buy weapons. Default is 6 seconds.
mp_hostagepenalty # Sets the amount of hostages a player can kill before they are kicked from server.
mp_limitteams # Sets the amount a team can have extra players before the server autobalances. Default is 2. 0 to disable.
mp_logmessages # Allows logging of chat message. 1 to enable, 0 to disable.
mp_kickpercent #

This variable is defaulted to 0.66. Set the ratio of players on someone's team required to vote to kick the "someone." The default is 0.66, which means that 66% (2/3rds) of the players on his team must vote him off in order for him to be kicked. The range is 0.0-1.0.

Sets the ratio to when a player can be vote kicked off the server. The default is 0.66 (66% OR 2/3rds of the server players must vote to kick him off.)

Replace # with a range between 0.0 to 1.0

mp_tkpunish # Makes the player sit out on the next round if he team killed. 1 to enable, 0 to disable.
quit Quit the game.
say text This allows you to chat in game as console.
allow_spectators #
This allows non-player spectators to watch or idle within the server. 1 to enable, 0 to disable.

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